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See Your Waste in Action

We see waste as a valuable resource and our environmentally sustainable facilities are built to ensure we get the maximum use from the waste we create. With the help of our partners and our residents, today we are recycling more than ever before; turning waste that we can’t reuse or recycle into green energy.

Take a look at the journey of your waste

After your waste and recycling is collected from your home by your local council it is taken to one of GMWDA’s waste management facilities across Greater Manchester.

Paper and Cardboard

All of the recyclable materials collected from your paper and cardboard bin are taken to one of our Transfer Loading Stations. Here the paper and card is baled and sent on for recycling into new paper and card.

Mixed Recycling

All of the mixed recyclable materials (glass bottles/jars, cans, tins, plastic bottles, foil and empty aerosols) are sent to our Material Recovery Facilities (MRF). Here the materials are separated using a combination of manual and automatic processes, including magnets, conveyor belts and lasers, before being baled up and sent on for processing into new products.

Garden and Food Waste

Food and garden waste is taken to one of our four In-Vessel Composters (IVCs) in Greater Manchester. Here it is used to make Revive multi-purpose peat free compost. This compost is available to buy from one of our main facilities across Greater Manchester.

General Rubbish

We send most of your residual waste to one of our five Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facilities. The MBT separates and treats residual waste to generate end products and electricity.

Residual waste is also sent to for processing at our Thermal Recovery Facility in Bolton.
This facility safely incinerates the waste and uses the steam created to generate electricity.

Take a look at what happens to your waste

Food and garden waste

Mixed recycling

Residual waste

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Longley Lane Materials Recovery Facility


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