Key Personnel

Together with the Clerk to the Authority, GMWDA is made up of a small team who alongside its 21 members are responsible for leading the Authority in the delivery of its aims and objectives as set out in the Waste Management Strategy.

By working with our partners and the residents of Greater Manchester we are doing everything we can to waste less and recycle more.

We envisage a society for Greater Manchester where all our resources are recycled or the energy is recovered, and nothing is wasted – put simply our aim is zero waste.

Elected members

Head of Communications and Behavioural Change, GMWDA Jennifer was appointed in April 2017 as the Head of Com....
Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE
Clerk, GMWDA Overall responsibility for strategic operation and direction, including all matters relating to ....
John Bland
Treasurer and Deputy Clerk, GMWDA Responsible for overall strategy and direction, Section 151 Officer, reputa....
David Taylor
Director of Contract Services, GMWDA David was appointed in 2007 as the Director of Contract Services for GMW....
Sarah Mellow
Head of Corporate Services, GMWDA Responsible for managing meetings of the Authority, procurement, transparen....
Nigel Murphy
Chair of the Authority, GMWDA Responsible for overseeing the Authority’s decision making process and the st....

Latest News

The Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) can confirm that significant efficiency savings and operational improvements have been sought from.
Longley Lane Materials Recovery Facility


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Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority