Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Waste is no longer waste, it’s a valuable resource which we need to re-use, recycle and recover energy from.

Our vision is for zero waste for Greater Manchester. This means we will do everything we can to save resources (by preventing waste at source and recycling more) and to produce green energy. We will aim to not landfill anything that we can use.

Our Values - In delivering our vision we encourage everyone at GMWDA and our partners to adopt and work to the following key values:



We will work in close partnership with all our key stakeholders by jointly focusing on delivering the waste hierarchy.


We will reduce methane generation and provide green energy to power homes and businesses.

Outward Focused

We will actively promote the wider impact upon the environment and sustainability of our approach.

Ambitious & Committed

We are committed to listening and helping our residents minimise waste and maximise recycling and composting.

Technically Sound

Our solution will be flexible and we will recycle and divert as much waste as possible from landfill.



We will shape the future direction of the waste sector and influence national and international policy.

Our people

Value Our People

We will train and develop our staff, recognise their achievements and provide a safe and effective work environment.

Value for Money

Ensuring Value for Money

We will ensure that our services are value for money, balancing costs and effectiveness.

Latest News

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