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Summer Opening Times for Recycling Centres
Summer Opening Times for Recycling Centres

From Sunday 27th March, your Recycling Centres opening hours will more

Salford Road Resource Recovery Facility and Solar Farm Officially Opens in Bolton
Salford Road Resource Recovery Facility and Solar Farm Officially Opens in Bolton

Theresa Griffin, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the North West England more

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This section contains publications which detail the Authority's principal objectives as well as reporting past performance, future targets and annual accounts. The way in which the Authority operates, how decisions are mad and the procedures that are followed to ensure that decisions are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people, is set out in The Constitution.

The main aims for the Authority are set out in the Waste Management Strategy which details how the Authority is trying to achieve ‘our aim is zero waste’, through:

• Saving resources
• Connecting with the community
• Protecting the environment
• Supporting businesses

Details on what we deliver and how is set annually in the Business Plan. This sets clear targets of what is to be delivered, by whom and by when.

Please click on the links below or sub-headings alongside for more detailed information regarding the following key publications:

  • Annual Report - provides a review of our performance against the objectives in our Corporate Plan and the Waste Management Strategy, includes key performance information and highlights key challenges for 2015/16;

  • Finance - provides information regarding precept levy and Statement of Accounts;

  • People Plan - plan to ensure the Authority has the right number of people with the right skills at the right time to deliver short and long term corporate objectives;

  • Waste Frame Directive & TEEP - regulations to set out a requirement for separate collections of glass, paper, metals and plastics;

  • Freedom of Information -  to meet our goal of increased openness and transparency, and to comply with the requirements set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2000; 

  • Glossary of Terms- an A - Z of useful terms

  • Environmental Plan- sets out our key actions to protect the environment;

  • Annual Communications and Engagement Plan - sets out how we will proactively engage with our residents so they can become good and accurate recyclers and protect valuable resources through activities such as reuse. Further details can be found at R4GM ;

  • Asset Management Plan- sets out how we protect and maximise the value of our assets;

  • Health & Safety Annual Plan - sets out how we mitigate risks, so as to provide as safe an environment for our staff and customers as possible.

Documents are in PDF format - Please click here to download Adobe Reader