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Taking Action against Trade Waste Abuse
Taking Action against Trade Waste Abuse

Across Greater Manchester, there are 20 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) for local residents to recycle waste from their home. more

Service Changes at the Recycling Centres
Service Changes at the Recycling Centres

From Sunday 1st May, all Recycling Centres in Greater Manchester will no longer accept cement-bonded asbestos and plasterboard/gypsum products. Alternative facilities will be provided at more

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Last big increase in Levy agreed as GMWDA sets budget for 2013-14

Released at:
17:00 12/02/2013

On Friday the 8th February, the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) set a 2013/14 Levy at £166.1 million, an increase of 14.15% on the current year.


 In 2014/15 the rise will be 2.98%, and from 2015/16 and for the next 20 years will be around 70% of inflation.

The 14.15% Levy increase, which adds around 2.6% to residents Council Tax Bill, is necessary to fund the completion of the £631 million investment used to build sustainable waste management facilities in Greater Manchester. 

Councillor Neil Swannick, Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said: “We know this is a big rise. It is however needed to enable us to complete the facilities being built, which means we can recycle much more and avoid landfill.

Through the facilities, and our residents participation we are already diverting 57% away from landfill and we are working hard to increase diversion to 90%. That means, if we achieve it, we would be saving around £29 million pounds a year. We are also moving closer towards our ambition of zero waste to landfill, where everything we throw away will become a resource, and in so doing helping the fight against climate change.”

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